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Self-help cloth bound series


Find Your Strength : A guide to becoming a warrior and thriving on the battlefield of life by actor, PlaySchool presenter and award-winning writer Rachael Coopes.

Be Bold : Now is the moment to say yes, take the leap and be bold. Commit and give yourself the very best shot at turning that big, scary, brilliant thing you're dreaming of into reality. 

Simple self-care :  A practical guide to reclaim the parts of yourself you've neglected or judged unkindly; to accept and heal pain from the past; and to step into your power as you look to the future.

Stay Strong : Full of warmth, candour and hard-hitting truths, providing the support you need to climb out of the emotional trenches.


Publisher: Affirm Press
Hardback, 192 pages. 


Find Your Strength: Rachael Coopes

Be Bold: Alexis Fernandez

Simple Self-Care: Anastasia Charisiou

Stay Strong: Audrey Dean

Be Bold - Stay Strong: Cover plus internal layout design and typesetting.

Find Your Strength: Cover and internal design.

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